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BHS Animal Rescue

Cats and kittens in Grootvlei are in desperate need of assistance! A kind lady has been taking care of 7 adult cats despite barely being able to feed her own family.

Unfortunately, as these things go, 5 of the cats are female and with kitten season in full swing, all 5 got pregnant. 3 have already given birth and now there are 15 kittens.

We really want to step in and help these cats ASAP before more kittens are born, but for that we need funds .

In total, we will need R3500 to sterilise all the adult cats and another R2250 to vaccinate all the kittens so long. If we can raise R5750, we can trap, sterilise and return the adults and we can start looking at getting the kittens into shelter and foster homes so they can be adopted out when they are ready.

Their lovely caretaker would also be very grateful for any contributions to a monthly food fund to keep taking care of the adults, all of whom she is very attached to.

Please help us help these babies!

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Koedoespoort  Cats


Snow is a beautiful and very unusual-looking Siamese cross tortoiseshell lady.

She was spotted living in the Koedoespoort industrial area with her 7 babies. A kind-hearted lady called in a feral-trapping organization to help catch Snow to sterilize and return her to her wildlife. When they arrived with the traps, Snow greeted their arrival with purring and leg-rubbing - she turned out to be completely tame and friendly, and so another approach was called for - Snow and her kids needed a human home. Their life-on-the-streets was not a choice but the result, clearly, of abandonment by the humans who Snow once loved. After many adventures and 5 patient days of kitten-coaxing, Snow and her babies were rescued and taken in by the dedicated feline foster parents at CatzRUs , but we can't stop thinking about all the other feral cats who live in Koedoespoort where Snow and her 7 kids were rescued. We have a lady who has agreed to feed them, but the colony will just keep growing without our intervention. These thoughts and concerns led one of our Foster Moms to action. We would like to introduce the Spay It Forward initiative:

Is your heart broken (like ours) at the thought of so many stray and homeless cats? Here is the good news: we have a solution!
Spay It Forward!
Your small donation can make a BIG difference at the very heart of the problem. Every Rand will go directly towards sterilizing feral and homeless cats.


Every R350 raised will neuter a male cat.

Every R450 will spay a female cat.

Every R180 tests an adult cat for FIV and FELV. This promotes healthy colonies. 

(Our kind-hearted vets are barely covering their costs at this price)

Spay it Forward is an initiative of CatzRUs . Although our core business is to rescue, foster and re-home kittens and non-feral cats, we feel we need to help reduce feral colonies in this way.
Donations will go through our bank account to the 'Spay It Forward' initiative (Reference Donations CRU-SIF)
CatzRus is an NPO and our bank statements are public record. All funds received with the Reference CRU-SIF will be allocated to sterilize cats that are not part of our foster program.

This venture cannot be successful without the help of businesses (where most feral colonies are located) and the public.

Every Rand counts!

Please support our effort to make a difference!



Snow and 7 babies