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Big Wish # 5

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Although this item is #5 on our wish list, any donations are so much appreciated. Our foster moms have to provide an endless supply of cat food and cat litter and kitten shampoo etc to our endless stream of needy kittens. It is so sad for us when willing and capable foster families cannot foster due to the ongoing costs involved. Please help us to help our foster families to provide for the kittens in their care.

Thank you!


Foster kitten Ashley

Big Wish # 4

Annual Art Exhibition

Our main fund-raiser each year is an art show. If you are an artist or if you love good cat art, we'd love to invite you to participate as a donor or a buyer!


Every cent we raise goes directly to the care of our kittens.


Our adoption fee only just covers the basic vet care that is included in the adoption package.


All our kittens come from disadvantaged backgrounds. As you can imagine, we see lots of illnesses, injuries, ticks, fleas and parasites. Every one of these treatments needs to be paid for from our fund-raising efforts.


Pixie - Foster Kitten

Big Wish # 3


We wish we had enough foster homes where rescued kittens could be placed.
If you are considering opening your home to foster kittens, please read through our foster documents.


Here's what some of our Foster Parents say about fostering for CRU:

~ I still can't believe we get to do this. I've always felt so sad when I see homeless cats and kittens. To be part of a group that really makes a difference is just amazing! The best part is watching the kittens 'come alive' in our home as they learn to trust and as they get the care they need to thrive.

~ The best feeling is watching the little kitten that you nurtured and helped thrive instantly click with their forever human. 

~ The moment when the little soul you helped is getting ready to leave you on their forever adventure is both the happiest and the saddest moment in your life. And you do it again and again, because your few tears are someone else's years of joy! 

~ My best part of fostering is the updates you get from their new families. When you hand over your foster baby, you sometimes feel scared that they were better off with you, then when you get updates, you feel so blessed. 

~ Is it hard to give up your fosters? Yes. It's very hard. But what's even harder is knowing that keeping one kitten means one less space to help another one. 

~ In animal rescue it sometimes feels like we are only reaching the tip of the iceberg, but for each little one we help, we change their entire future. There is no better feeling than knowing we are changing so many lives for the better. 

~ I'm currently fostering my first batch of CRU kittens, they are almost ready to leave the nest. So far this organization has been run like a well-oiled machine – procedures, documentation & rules are well in place and the support system is great! All for the love of cats – you can't go wrong volunteering for CRU! 

We always need more foster homes,  Download your foster application. 

Monster - Foster kitten
kitten Clowder
Foster kittens

Big Wish # 2


If you have a house, we have the cat that will turn it into a home!

We usually have many kittens and young cats available for adoption.


We also have a number of older cats in foster care who have come to us in various ways.


Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Cat


Maybe we can ask to use their article – instead of rewriting a similar thing ourselves.


Double adoptions are also highly recommended!


Bonded Pairs: Why You Might Want to Adopt Two Cats Instead of One

Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One

Foster kitten

Big Wish # 1

Spay it Forward

Every spay or neuter saves 100's of lives. It's so easy to make a difference.


We believe there's no good reason for not sterilising a cat by 6 months of age, both male and female.


If you have any cats in your circle of influence that are not sterilised, we urge you to do whatever it takes to get them spayed or neutered.


Imagine this: If you found hungry helpless homeless kittens, you would probably be moved to do something for them. Now imagine you could actually prevent the suffering of those kittens before it started, wouldn't that be awesome!? Every unsterilised cat you see is an opportunity to do just that.

Be proactive. Even one spay will save many lifes. It might be inconvenient. It might cost you a bit, but imagine making a difference and saving lives. That's what heroes do!


[let's use the super-kitten logo here]


Save lives. Sterilise cats!


If you donate to Spay it Forward, every cent will be used to sterilise stray cats. We use this fund to sterilise the parent cats of the kittens that we take in.



Explaining What CatzRus Does (and what we can't do)


Our focus and mission is to be a foster care network for homeless, abandoned and needy kittens under the age of 8 weeks. We don't have the resources or capacity to trap feral cats, or take in adult cats. We can't even take in all the kittens who need us. We don't have a shelter. When our foster homes are full, we're full.


Wherever possible we offer advice and refer people to sister organisations who can help with their specific cat problem, but the truth is they don't have the capacity or the resources to deal with the magnitude of the problem either.


The good news is you don't need an organisition to make a difference. We can offer some advice about what to do in the Pretoria area and it's not difficult to do what needs to be done. There are also many good internet articles that can help you.


Doing Something is better than doing nothing
Spay one cat
​​Help make a difference
and sign up 
to volunteer today!

Thanks for submitting!

We deal mostly with dumped, abused and neglected cats and kittens that come into our care. We believe it is our duty to do everything we can to give them a second chance. Of course, as a non-profit organisation, we rely entirely on volunteers and donations. 


Here are some ideas on how you can assist us:

  • Provide a permanent or temporary home for one or more of our shelter cats

  • Donate financially or to our practical needs - food, cat litter, etc.

  • Help us to imagine creative solutions for our way forward!


If you would like to volunteer at the shelter, please fill out your details in the contact form and we will be in touch with you. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!


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