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Kiiro and Chappies – this is for you! We're so proud of you!

We are proud to introduce the two brave kittens who are the main beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts this month. If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably already met these kitty celebrities. Kiiro and Chappies – this is for you! We're so proud of you! Your enthusiasm and joy for life are an inspiration to us!


Kiiro is a little Tabby girl rescued from an Eskom site. Kiiro and her three siblings were about four weeks old when they were found – there was no sign of their momma-cat. They were very small and wobbly. Kiiro's wobbles didn't improve and it was found that her leg was broken before she arrived with us and had healed badly. Surgery

would be necessary for Kiiro to be able to walk properly and without pain. This daunting operation – on a small 9 week old kitten knee – was undertaken by one of our brilliant veterinary surgeons. During the surgery it was touch-and-go whether Kiiro's leg could actually be saved, but after a long and very delicate operation, we are so delighted that Kiiro came through with flying colours. We are so grateful to our vets! And thank you also to Kiiro's new family where she is recovering surrounded by so much love!

Chaplin (Chappies)

Chaplin (Chappies) arrived with us in January. He was a tiny kitten, about 3 weeks old and found abandoned at a shopping center in Pretoria North. Chappies has been waiting for his forever family. A few weeks ago he became very ill and ended up at Onderstepoort where he was diagnosed with FIP. FIP used to be a death-sentence for cats, but thanks to new developments and research, especially around Covid19, there are new treatments available. We are incredibly grateful that Chaplin came into the care of one of the world's leading experts of FIP at Onderstepoort. His life was hanging in the balance for a few days, but our little boy slowly fought his way back to life thanks to the dedication of the vet team and his foster mommy who visited him twice every day to give him some lovvies and encouragement. Chappies still has a few weeks of daily meds ahead of him, but he's on his way to living his best life!

Rescue work can be tough but at CatzRus we LOVE what we do!

When you support CatzRus , this is what you get to be part of...

Each year we take 300-400 kittens off the streets of Pretoria. We place them in loving foster homes until they are ready for adoption. We are so privileged to have a number of vet practices around the city who kindly help us with veterinary care at rescue rates. Every kitten that passes through our care is vaccinated and sterilised. This Core-Care is covered by our adoption fee.

What isn't covered by the adoption fee is the following:

• We do our very best to sterilise the parent cats wherever possible. Every donation to 'Spay it Forward' saves so many lives before the suffering begins.

• Because our kittens come from some tough circumstances, we often have veterinary expenses over and above the core care.

• Once a kitten enters our care, we do all we can to help them thrive – under the guidance of our awesome vets.

Kiiro and Chappies are two of these special kittens. We are fund-raising this month to cover their veterinary bills. Thank you for supporting us as we support them!

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