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Who we are:

CatzRus SA is a public non-profit organisation established in 2004. We are based in Pretoria where we try to be part of the solution to the heartbreaking problem of cat overpopulation and homeless kittens. We do not have a shelter – we are a foster-based kitten rescue organisation.

Our 5 Big Wishes

A little peek into our top 5 dreams and wishes. These are probably the top wishes of all rescue groups and responsible animal lovers – and YOU can be a part of helping these dreams and wishes to come true!

What we do:

Our volunteers take needy kittens into their own homes until we can find forever homes for them. We work with a number of amazing vets in the Pretoria area to ensure that every kitten or cat that passes through our care is sterilised, vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped. We offer an adoption package of R950 which goes towards covering these costs. Additional costs for sick or injured kittens are paid by donations and fund-raising. Each year, on average, we are able to rescue and rehome around 300 kittens. We also try to sterilise as many cats as we can through donations to our “Spay It Forward” programme.

Our Core Values:


- The only solution to cat overpopulation is sterilisation.

- Every unsterilised cat that produces kittens contributes to the suffering, death and euthananasia of other cats and kittens because there are just not enough homes for them all.

- We believe that every sterilisation saves 100's of lives.

- We urge everyone to sterilise their cats and to do what it takes to trap and sterilise feral cats in their community.

Using our limited Resources for the greatest good

- Our 'super-power' is rescuing, fostering and re-homing needy kittens under the age of 9 weeks. We do this really well. We have a supportive foster network, a good adoption process, and vets who ensure that our kittens get the best possible care.

- We take in orphaned, abandoned and abused kittens whenever we have the space and the resources. We do not support back-yard breeding. Every kitten we take in has a rescue story and would not have a future without our intervention.

- We believe kittens grow up best in a loving foster home with their siblings until they reach adoption age. Double adoptions are always best because young cats need buddies to grow with and play with. They learn social skills from one another.

- We try to let momcats raise their babies wherever possible. Momcats are still the best mother for their kittens. Occasionally we take in a momcat and then try to rehome her.

- Wherever possible, we ensure that the mom and dad cats of our kittens get sterilised and tested for FIV and FeLV.


- We try to work co-operatively with other animal welfare organisations as we battle the problem of homeless and abandoned animals together

What we don't do:

- Because we need to use our limited resources to do the greatest good, unfortunately we cannot take in homeless adult cats. Adult cats are very difficult to re-home and if we fill our foster homes with adults, we will not be able to help the kittens we need us.

- Because we are all unpaid volunteers with our own full-time jobs, we cannot come and trap feral cats or kittens.

- It is increasingly difficult to tame feral kittens after 8 weeks of age, and so we cannot take in older feral kittens. Ideal trapping age is between 4-6 weeks. If you come across feral kittens, please act quickly.

- We will try to offer support and advice and put you in contact with people who can help you if you have a cat/kitten crisis, but we might not be able to help you ourselves.

- Once our foster homes are full, we cannot take in more kittens. We do not mix litters.


Saving community cats is a community problem.

We all need to step up and do what we can.



We deal mostly with dumped, abused and neglected cats and kittens that come into our care. We believe it is our duty to do everything we can to give them a second chance. Of course, as a non-profit organisation, we rely entirely on volunteers and donations. 


Here are some ideas on how you can assist us:

  • Provide a permanent or temporary home for one or more of our shelter cats

  • Donate financially or to our practical needs - food, cat litter, etc.

  • Help us to imagine creative solutions for our way forward!


If you would like to volunteer at the shelter, please fill out your details in the form below and we will be in touch with you. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!

Available for adoption
Cat of the Month


Meet Mamma Lisa. This beautiful mamma was rescued with a litter of kittens. All those have found homes, Lisa is now ready for her own home.

She was a good mamma and are a sweet loving kitty with a whole life ahead of her. 

Adoptable cats
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