Thank you so much to everyone who sent a 'Star Paws' story for our 'May the Paws' month of adoption celebrations.

Thank you also for the stories honouring our 'Fallen Stars' - the fur-babies who didn't make it to adoption.

Their stories - happy and sad - are ours to tell. 

Our adopters and supporters are very much part of our rescue team - we couldn't save lives and place them in

happy homes without you! Thank you to every one of you. 

We all feel so privileged to have been a part of these stories. What a joy to make a difference in these little lives and

to see them thriving and loved in their forever homes!

And thank you to our production team for a whole month of truly stunning pictures and stories! You rock! 

To keep on making happy endings, we need your continued support.

We wish for .... Blankets And Toys
We like to send a familiar blanket and toy home with each cat or kitten when they get adopted. In order to do this, we need about 250-300 blankets and toys each year. We sometimes buy polar fleece and cut it (about 80x90cms) and edge it. Some volunteers make catnip mice. The kittens love balls and bells. Any donations of blankets and toys throughout the year would be fantastic! Or you can make a cash donation towards this wish. Please reference your bank deposit BlanketsAndToys.

We wish for ... people to help pay for Vet Care for our sick and injured kittens.

This is our area of greatest financial need. Almost all of our fund-raising goes to vet care. Out vets are so good to us and our furbabies - we get top vet care at rescue rates. Our vets serve us at no profit to themselves. Our adoption fee covers the basics (vaccinations, sterilisation, microchips, deworming), but everything outside of this - every illness and injury, every surgery, every runny tum and goopy eye, every antibiotic and ringworm treatment - needs to be paid for from our fund-raising efforts. This year already we have funded amputations and eye surgery and various other major and minor veterinary interventions to give our cats and kittens healing and hope and a future. Any donations towards this will be hugely appreciated.

Please reference your deposit VetCare.

We wish for ... a kitten care unit and someone who can build us an Incubator

We would love to have a small home-care unit for the most vulnerable kittens.

Our biggest wish-list item here is an incubator where we could keep newborn, malnourished or sickly kittens warm and safe at a constant temperature.

Our research has brought us to the conclusion that a home-made system with infrared lamps and a thermostat would be best. But we don't have the know-how to build one of these. We would be so grateful if someone with the necessary expertise would volunteer to work with us to make this dream come true.

If you would like to contribute to our incubator or other home care items items such as: thermometers, syringes, isolation pens, heating pads, or foot buddy heater carpets, please contact us or make a deposit into our account and

reference it as HomeCareUnit.

We wish for ... a supply of Kitten Milk

All our volunteers are asked to provide food and litter for their fosters. Not only do they volunteer, but they dig into their pockets too. We try to get donations of good vet quality food as and when we can. The most expensive item on our food list is kitten milk. We cannot expect our bottle moms to provide an endless supply of kitten milk, so we need your help with this item please. If you are able to donate a tin of kitten milk or donate towards the purchase of it, we would be very grateful. Kitten milk costs about R250 per tin. Please reference your donation KittenMilk.

We wish for ... a few donations towards Home Meds

Our foster moms learn so much about home care for cats and kittens and how to support our kittens to best health by 12 weeks when they can be adopted.  Protexin can help with runny tummies. Laxapet helps with the opposite problem. Nutrostim is needed for our malnourished babies and those who won't eat. These are just a few of the home-treatments we use. If you would be willing to contribute to these, please reference your

bank deposit HomeMeds.

We wish for ... a growing number of people to care for

feral cats and promote sterilisation and BE the change

they want to see. 

We wish that together we could 'Spay it Forward' and save homeless cats at the root of the problem - before they are born.  Vet care might be our greatest area of financial need, but this is our greatest area of practical need.  Animal rescue workers are a strange bunch of people. We are passionate about what we do, but we would like to eradicate our reason for existence. We love cats and kittens, but we wish with all our hearts that there were fewer of them.  Today we are asking you - before you just contribute to us and our cause. Please take responsibility for a feral cat or colony you are aware of. Sterilise and feed. Feeding without sterilising just adds to the problem.

We cannot solve this problem alone, but if every animal lover would step up and DO something, our dream of today would come true - there would be fewer cats and kittens to rescue and fewer who need to be euthanized. Maybe you know someone who hasn't sterilised their pet. Please do everything in your power to make it happen. Every time you get a cat sterilised, you save their 100s of unborn kitten children and grandchildren! Please feel free to contact us for advice, but we simply cannot do it all. Today is the day we are asking you to ACT and to rescue the unborn kittens in your sphere of influence by sterilising cats, male and female so that together we can be the change we want to see. Please send us your sterilisation stories - these stories encourage us even more than the rescue stories! If you simply do not know any cats that need to be sterilised and this issue is close to your heart, then please make a financial contribution into our account and reference it SpayItForward. We will use this money to sterilise feral cats. Thank you to those awesome people who have already worked with us to BE the solution this year. You know who you are and we salute you! You encourage us to keep going in the face of this relentless need.

We wish for ... ongoing fund raising this year and for cat themed art and crafts we can sell online. 

Usually our annual fund raiser is our Cat-themed Art Exhibition. This year, during the Covid Crisis, we will be running our art sale online. If you would like to contribute art works or buy them, please contact us and watch this space....


Watch Facebook & Instagram for details. We hope you enjoy our original designs & videos!

Foster Baby : Romana (2020)

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