Frequently Asked Questions



Unlike many other rescue organisations, CatzRus only adopts out kittens once they are 13 weeks old and have been sterilized. Many people have asked us why, as they feel they miss out on the “cute kitten phase”.


When kittens are 13 weeks old, they are still very much “kitten”, but without most of the risks associated with young kittens. Some veterinary journals report mortality rates of orphaned kittens up to 12 weeks of age between 15–40% (Source: Hoskins JD. Veterinary Pediatrics: Dogs and Cats from Birth to Six Months, Ed 2, WB Saunders Co, Philadelphia, 1995). In addition, our dedicated team of experienced foster parents not only raise our kittens on the best nutrition possible, they also socialise them.


Why sterilise them so early though?

We find that despite already paying for sterilisation as part of the adoption fee, many people simply do not return kittens for sterilisation at a later stage, even with preventative measures in place. This means that we might inadvertently be responsible for more unwanted kittens!


Sterilizing at 13 weeks old does not really hold any more risk than sterilization at six months old, and prevents unwanted pregnancies in cats that come in heat before six months old. A recent research study by the Winn Feline Foundation found that the surgical procedure in such young kittens was straightforward and that the kittens recovered rapidly. They also found no correlation between the fears of increased incidence of cystitis or urinary obstruction in early sterilized male cats.